Yi Ming Ng

Partner at TRIVE

Please tell us more about yourself.

I’m Yi Ming Ng, a Partner at TRIVE.

TRIVE is a Southeast Asia early stage venture capital based in Singapore. Over the last seven years, we have provided more than 1500 one-to-one advisory sessions for startups and have advised more than 800 startup founders through various domains including Deep Tech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech and more.

What do you do at work on a daily basis?

I lead blockchain investments and partnerships at TRIVE, to support startup from ground up. On an ongoing basis, we make investments into early stage companies with talented founders.

We also have a strong network of partners and mentors around the region to help support the startups we invest in. The aim is to build a thriving community where startups will have the right support network that they would require to grow and scale fast.

What drives you in doing what you are doing?

I get to speak with aspiring startup founders to help build their dreams. It is always fun and exhilarating when you are able to create an impact through the work that you do.

What is your advice to youths who are at a crossroad, unsure of which career path to take?

Head out, join events and speak to more people. You will never know who you will meet, he/ she might just turn out to be your dream job and colleague. Take the first step!

What does it take to survive in the Singapore job market today?

I think one key trait to survive in Singapore would be tenacity and proactivity in the work that you do. No matter how menial the task you are performing, colleagues often have extreme appreciation for people who take pride in being good at their job.

What is your call-to-action/ advice to those who want to pursue the industry you are in?

Look out for more startup events through Eventbrite or ACE Singapore, that would provide more opportunities to find out more about the startup industry in Singapore. It is never too late to start!

Describe the path you took to arrive at the job that you are right now?

Through the necessary skillsets that I’ve developed while running a startup previously, I was able to understand the mentality of startup founder when they set out to build their dreams.

What are some of the perks or benefits of your jobs?

I get to meet startups from different parts of the world, through business trips and personal contacts. It is really amazing to see how startups are shaped by culture.

What are some of the qualities that you believe employers will keep a look out for, in potential employees who aspire to work in the industry you are in?

To me, the quality of tenacity and proactivity is extremely important in the work that we do. No matter how menial the task we are performing, good potential employers often have extreme appreciation for people who take pride in being good at their job.

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